How are SDBMX wheels manufactured?
SDBMX wheels are manufactured using low pressure casting of Aluminium alloy metal into the wheel pattern mould.
What running gear SDBMX is used in the wheel hubs built?
The hubs use sealed bearnig cartridges.
What is the finishing process?
Once released from the cast, the wheel undergoes machining along the rim edges, tire beads and seat, and the hubs. The axle cavities are center bore machined with provision to allow for sealed bearing cartridges. The rough as-cast sections are shot-peened and painted.
What colours are available?
SDBMX wheels are available in Metallic Gold, Metallic Blue, Metallic Silver [except Blizzard], Red and Black.
Where are SDBMX wheels made?
SDBMX wheels are made in China to unique specification exclusively for SDBMX.
Are SDBMX wheels compliant to Australian Safety Standards?
"Yes, each style of wheel has been tested and complies to AS/NZS 1927 : 1998 Appendix I.
How should SDBMX wheels be used?
SDBMX wheels are designed for normal road riding/ cruising with contact to the ground at all times. They are a 20" wheel designed for use with 20" bikes such as BMX, Dragsters, Low Riders, and Cruisers
Are SDBMX wheels designed Off-Road or for Stunting?
No, SDBMX wheels are not designed for Off-Road or for Stunting use.
Are SDBMX wheels designed for "Bunny Hops", Ramp/ Bowl Freestyle or Flatland Freestyle?
No, these activities are also forms of stunt/ trick riding and SDBMX wheels are not designed for Off-Road or for Stunting use.
Can I motorise SDBMX wheels or use them on a motorised vehicle?
No, they are not designed for motorised use.
Are there any precautions that should be taken when fitting tyres and tubes to the wheels?
As with any other wheel, when fitting the tyres to the rims, you should check that the tyre is seated correctly. Ensure that the tyre bead is hooked into the rim and that the tyre is seated evenly all the way around the rim. If the tyre bulges upon inflating it, then it is not seated correctly and will need to be adjusted.
What if my bike requires the use of 14mm axles?
SDBMX wheels come standard with traditional 3/8" (approx. 10mm) axles. Some newer style bikes have larger frame drop-out sizes as they use larger 14mm axles. To use SDBMX wheels with larger axles drop out size frames, you will need 3/8"-14mm axles converters which are available in the SDBMX Shop.
I am interested In becoming an agent/ reseller of SDBMX products, what is required?
You need to be a registered business with an ABN and comply to the SDBMX sales guidelines.
What is the minimum order required as an agent/ reseller of SDBMX products?
The minimum order is 25 sets.
How are SDBMX product orders delivered?
All orders are delivered by courier to your location.
Packaging and assembly of the wheels?
SDBMX Wheels are delivered to agents/ re-sellers boxed without the axles assembled. Agent/ resellers need to assemble the axles so that the wheels are complete and ready to use at the point of purchase.
What warranty is provided with SDBMX wheels?
SDBMX wheel have a limited 1 year warranty provided that they are used as instructed. The warranty does not cover misuse, modifications, paint or finish, against rust or oxidisation etc.
As an agent/ reseller, what if a customer makes a warranty claim?
You will need to contact SDBMX to arrange to have the wheel inspected and approved for the claim. Shipping to SDBMX will be at the cost of the agent/ re-seller